Fun, New Adventures

As mentioned in the previous blog, the fiance and I recently moved to a new neighborhood.  I went out exploring the other day and found an incredible haven nearby.  There is a place called the Randolph Street Market.  It is incredible.

This market is a foodie’s dream.  The entire street is full of wholesale food vendors with everything from paper supplies to massive produce markets.  The street is also lined with beautiful restaurants with cuisine from every corner of the world.   I think you are getting the picture.

The worst part (or best, depending on how you look at it) is that this market is literally minutes from my house.  I walked, no skipped, through the street with glee, dreaming of the beautiful, fresh food I would be getting and the delicious meals that would arise.  I should not have been set loose on Randolph street; it could get dangerous.

I love that some of the vendors are small, family owned places that have been there forever.  I bought some lovely spring onions and a box of cherries from this sweet little produce place.  You could tell the cherries had come straight from the tree.  I relished in their imperfectness.  The woman who owned the place was very kind and spoke in an accent I couldn’t place.  I love places like this because they really connect me to where my food comes from.  I grew up on a farm, so stores like this remind me of home.  Plus, I try to buy locally as often as possible to support small, local farmers.

In addition to the fabulous produce, there are wholesale fish markets.  Look at that!  Fresh crab legs in Chicago!  I could hardly contain myself.  Then I went in and began looking around at the buckets of fresh halibut fillet and red snapper halves, and realized I would not be cooking that night.  I could hardly buy such fresh fish and leave it in the refrigerator for a day.  I felt that would be disrespectful.  So I moved on to the next block.

This very inconspicuous store front is my new favorite shop.  This store is a culinary fantasy.  Inside were all the items a bona fide chef would need.  Ramekins and immersion blenders, and stainless steel Japanese knives, oh my!  I went crazy.  Secretly, I was peeking around corners trying to spot a famous chef.  As it turned out, I didn’t see any, but I did find a LOT of things to add to the wedding registry.

Among those things were these adorable mini potato mashers.  So cute!  And don’t think I just like them for their miniature novelty.  They are also very functional.  I only cook for two, and use smaller bowls, so I don’t really have the room or need for a huge potato masher.  These might be the next purchase I make at the market.

Leaving the market, I saw this sign.  Wow!  I’ve always wanted to make my own wine.  Now all I have to do is convince the fiance we have the room . . .


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