Roast Chicken with Vegetables

There are some dishes that coalesce in the perfect trifecta: comforting, simple, and delicious.  Roasted chicken is one of these dishes.  In fact, there is an article that advocated making a roast chicken for lunch and changed my mind about undertaking the cooking of an entire chicken.

Roasting a whole chicken can sound intimidating, but it is actually incredibly easy.  And I know I say that a lot, so let me clarify – roasting a chicken is mind-numbingly easy.  It is so easy, you could teach your 10 year-old how to do it.  No lie.  My husband and I have roasted a whole chicken many times and there have been many incidents (ie: forgot we had it in the oven, had heat on the wrong setting) where the chicken *could* have been ruined, and almost every time, it turned out completely fine.  The only real trick is making sure you don’t over cook the chicken so you end up with dry, tasteless meat (this is where a meat thermometer comes in handy).

Carving a whole chicken can be trickier than actually cooking it.  I recommend this video to see how it is done.  My husband has become our household carver, so I usually defer to him on this task.  The nice part about this recipe is that is it calls for a chicken that is already broken down, so you can buy whatever type of meat you like best and don’t have to worry about carving.  You can do this by buying a whole chicken from your local butcher and have them cut it up for you, or buy the pieces you prefer already cut up.

Kayotic Kay has such a wonderful way of explaining things, I won’t even try to imitate her, but you can find her recipe here.  Oh and don’t leave out the whole roasted garlic.  Oh, delicious, roasted, garlic.


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