Roasted Corn Salad

I was born and raised in Iowa, so I know a thing or two about corn.  Every summer, we would wait with baited breath for the sweet corn to be ready.  My dad would bring back paper bags full of it and we would sit on our stoop, cleaning the husks away just before plopping them into pot of boiling water for the freshest, sweetest corn you’d ever have.  So, even as an adult, I crave these moments, and the corn.  Now that we are officially sweet corn season, I thought giving everyone something else to do with that corn would be nice.  Not that you need to.

This is an incredibly easy recipe.  It basically goes like this

Step 1 – Roast or boil some ears of corn.  Try not to immediately eat it all.

Step 2- Let corn cool completely and cut it off the ear.

Step 3 – Toss corn with feta and cilantro.  Enjoy!

It is so delicious and is a wonderful, light summer side dish.


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